Battlecraft 1.1

A big visual overhaul for a smoother, more readable gameplay experience. If you’re new to Battlecraft, check out the game here: Download for iOS The new characters take on the lighting a better due to the smoothed edges, giving them more of a pop. Of course, all of the other assets on the board need to […]

Launch Day!

After over a year of work, Battlecraft – Tactics Online is now available! You can download it for iOS here,  LINK. Any and all feedback is welcome as I want to continue to improve the game with incremental patches.  

Launch Imminent!

After over a year of hard work, the concept has finally come to fruition. I am pleased to announce that Battlecraft is complete! I made a trailer to be used for advertisement and promotion. Check it out: I have submitted my case to the app store for a feature request. With a unique art style, […]

Who’s Turn is it?

The time is ticking down to the May release of Battlecraft. I’ve been chiseling away at my list of polish items, one of which being reinforcing game event feedback. I realized after some play-testing that the concept of simultaneous turn based strategy may not immediately be familiar to people trying for the first time. I’ve witnessed […]

Polish, polish, polish

A captivating new idea is meaningful, but not if the overall package it’s presented in isn’t wrapped nice and tight. The past couple of weeks have been devoted to the art of polishing and fine tuning. The most visual of these polish items includes a UI pass. Before I was struggling with somewhat inconsistent, disjointed […]

Completing the Circle

My favorite games are usually the ones that I can play for a long time. Naturally, I want to create this same draw for my own game so that people will want to keep coming back. Having fun gameplay that is a little bit varied every time is the core of this draw, but there […]

Eggs are the new Loot Box

Battlecraft is characterized by its unique strategic gameplay. Part of creating a fun competitive experience is having a (roughly) even playing ground. As such, you will not find pay-to-win elements in the game, such as upgrading your units and simply outclassing the opponent with stats alone. So how do you monetize such a game where […]

Falling stones and going with the flow

Battlecraft is a strategy game where you can not only avoid your opponent’s attacks, but you can also predict where they are going to move and greet them with a surprise when they get there. This double-edged sword gameplay creates some interesting situations where you have to not only understand the game systems, but also […]

Battlecraft Announcement

Stay tuned for my latest project, Battlecraft. It’s a tactical strategy game that turns the genre on it’s head. Tired of waiting for your turn? Well now you don’t have to! Actions take place in sync, so you never quite know what your opponent will do (and neither will they). Positioning and predicting your opponent are […]