My name is Nikola Todorovic. I am a University of Virginia Graduate with a degree in Computer Science. I am a highly self-motivated individual with a passion for Game Design. I eat, breathe and sleep games. When I am not programming them, I am doing the art, sound or music for my latest game. I have wanted to make games my whole life and my dream is to make it as an independent developer with my own company, Sigil Entertainment.

Check out my latest project, Battlecraft. It’s a tactical strategy game that turns the genre on it’s head. Tired of waiting for your turn? Well now you don’t have to! Actions take place in sync, so you never quite know what your opponent will do (and neither will they). Positioning and predicting your opponent are the keys to success in battle.

I developed a VR horror game for Google Cardboard and released it worldwide on Android and iOS. Nox Mortis is an interactive entertainment experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen. For the first time ever, the game plays you.

I developed a VR underwater exploration game for Oculus and Google Cardboard. It features full freedom of movement as well as dynamic AI, animations and Unity Custom Analytics. I did the programming and worked on the design with Killer Snails LLC to create my first project as a Unity Contract Developer.

I also developed a fully functional mobile online strategy game for iPhone and Android. Built using C# and Unity Game Engine. I created every aspect of the project: The design, programming, networking, art, sound and music.

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