Battlecraft 1.1

A big visual overhaul for a smoother, more readable gameplay experience. If you’re new to Battlecraft, check out the game here: Download for iOS


The new characters take on the lighting a better due to the smoothed edges, giving them more of a pop. Of course, all of the other assets on the board need to get the same treatment in order to have a more visually consistent style.


The UI also had to be redone in order to match the smooth look and avoid hard, rounded edges. I took to adobe illustrator quickly, learning how to create beveled shapes and gradients, just as the 3D assets needed to be beveled as well. Hopefully the result is a clearer, more visually consistent look that is more gentle on the eye.

In retrospect, I would’ve avoided voxel style for the characters all together since its difficult to read their shape when they are so small. However, many rigged models later I felt it was more practical to refine what I had instead of starting from scratch. I would like to revisit the art at some point, but I will leave the style as it is for now and move on to more gameplay polish / feature related work.

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