Launch Imminent!

After over a year of hard work, the concept has finally come to fruition. I am pleased to announce that Battlecraft is complete! I made a trailer to be used for advertisement and promotion. Check it out:

I have submitted my case to the app store for a feature request. With a unique art style, gameplay, iOS exclusivity and iOS features such as iCloud storage and Gamecenter, I have high hopes for this one hitting the feature page.

Ultimately, I am looking for some spark of users on launch day so people have lots of users to play with. An app store feature does not solve everything, but it would be a huge step in building momentum in an organic fashion. On achieving this spark, I want to fan the flame with constant Facebook advertisements with this trailer or some variation of it.

In the meantime, I will be trying to generate as much buzz organically as possible prior to launch. Please spread the word about the imminent release of Battlecraft, the next evolution of turn based strategy games.

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