Who’s Turn is it?

The time is ticking down to the May release of Battlecraft. I’ve been chiseling away at my list of polish items, one of which being reinforcing game event feedback. I realized after some play-testing that the concept of simultaneous turn based strategy may not immediately be familiar to people trying for the first time. I’ve witnessed some confusion of people staring at their screen wondering if it is their time to make a move. It is this constant process of make a decision, wait and observe, and repeat that I am separating from.

A Handy Start Turn Indicator

If you look closely, you might also notice that the game board got a massive face-lift. Inspired by the World of Warcraft thousand needles zone, this new design features swaying bridges and moving water on high mountain plateaus. The sense of depth and layers are more greatly emphasized here along with a higher level of detail. This all thanks to my wonderful, talented artist who always seems to understand the vision.

Another added feature is the last missing component to the Collection UI. Selected abilities for Units now display a miniature grid that mirrors the Game Board. This is handy when you are building your army because you are able to see the area which units can cover with their moves and attacks before you even try them. It’s also good for people making a hard-earned dust purchase as they’ll be better informed to exactly how a unit moves and attacks.

Note The Ability Preview Grid In the Top Right

The goal for this month is to finish the game. Promoting Battlecraft will take time and I want to save the month of May for wrapping a ribbon on this package and sending it off to the right place. It’s been a long, albeit fun year on my most ambitious project yet, and I look to captivate the mobile gaming world with this new take on tactical gameplay.

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