Polish, polish, polish

A captivating new idea is meaningful, but not if the overall package it’s presented in isn’t wrapped nice and tight. The past couple of weeks have been devoted to the art of polishing and fine tuning.

A Cleaner, more accessible main menu

The most visual of these polish items includes a UI pass. Before I was struggling with somewhat inconsistent, disjointed visuals for the UI. However, I decided that retro text, rounded borders and hard edges could coexist with one another if done right. For instance, All rounded border items are now exclusively used for interactive elements such as buttons. I use strong primary colors for these buttons so that they pop out, and leave neutral grey and brown for the more static UI elements.


I also moved the player time to their respective corners on the board. Now that the Player name plates are in, its easy to cluster player relative information on each team’s side of the map.

The last panel I wanted to improve was the army tab. In addition to following the rules listed above, I added a cool usability feature when selecting units in your current army loadout. Rather than adding tabs to filter units based on their type, simply clicking a unit in your loadout will automatically scroll to similar units on the left-hand panel. I firmly believe in the mantra, “No UI is best UI”.

Tap on the right panel to scroll quickly on the left

With a fresh, new UI and a slew of other gameplay tweaks, Battlecraft is drawing closer and closer to its target May release date. At this point, sound and the tutorial are the last remaining features. I still want to add some other tweaks, such as notification for daily event resets and more general gameplay polishing, but the finish line is drawing near and I eagerly anticipate unleashing this one on the public.

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