Completing the Circle

My favorite games are usually the ones that I can play for a long time. Naturally, I want to create this same draw for my own game so that people will want to keep coming back. Having fun gameplay that is a little bit varied every time is the core of this draw, but there has to be other reward systems in place to keep players invested.

Last week I talked a little bit about one of these, the egg lottery system. Here is a more polished iteration of that system, proudly displaying unit names as well as their class / rarity.

3hqhkWh - Imgur.gif

While these eggs are a method of monetization and serve as a fun mini game, where do these character’s go exactly? This is where the collection screen comes in; displaying all the units you could have as well as your current army loadout.

xVtGSq2 - Imgur.gif

From this menu we can not only browse and change our loadout, but we can also craft missing units in our collection with dust. Dust is a direct tie in from the egg lottery, where if we get a duplicate unit above the max quantity, we automatically get some dust to go purchase a unit we want. I decided to leave disenchanting as an automatic feature because I wanted to simplify the decisions the player makes in the collection UI and prevent players from too easily acquiring the unit they want. Still, dust will be a welcome feature for players especially as their collection becomes more fleshed out and they are trying to get that one elusive character.

This system is built with the future in mind, where more units will be added, thus adding to the pool of both egg drops as well as potential dust crafting options. The goal is a fun, fair unit acquisition system where the player is encouraged to try all sorts of combinations in the roster based on what they get. The dust mitigates the frustration of rolling duplicates, without too easily giving players a specific unit. It is this thrill of the dice roll that gives just that little extra pull and excitement to keep players coming back for more.

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