Eggs are the new Loot Box

Battlecraft is characterized by its unique strategic gameplay. Part of creating a fun competitive experience is having a (roughly) even playing ground. As such, you will not find pay-to-win elements in the game, such as upgrading your units and simply outclassing the opponent with stats alone. So how do you monetize such a game where balance is critical? By taking the Hearthstone route, with a little twist of course.

Unlike Hearthstone, each character has a higher skill-cap since the player must consider their positioning and their various ability options. As such, each unit is it’s own self contained beast and the monetization scheme should reflect this. And so the egg was born, maintaining the suspense of the reveal while clearly suggesting that there is only one character inside the Loot Box.

A Golden Egg, the most rare of them all.

A player will receive a fresh batch of 10 randomized eggs each day. Egg’s come in various colors, but they all serve the same function: To provide a random chance at unit. However, the golden egg for instance will give a higher probability of obtaining a legendary unit, enticing players with a good deal every now and again. All eggs are priced the same, and it is just a matter of luck of the draw for which ones you get in your egg queue each day. Should you decide to buy one, you’ll be greeted with a little surprise.

Behold! A hideous creature is born.

If you receive a unit you already have in your collection, then it will be turned to dust on the spot. Dust in turn can be used to craft specific units, albeit at a much slower pace than paying to roll for them. Fortunately, paying for gold is not the only way to crack an egg. Players who check back daily are rewarded with the opportunity for a win of the day, providing free gold. In addition, subsequent match wins will also provide gold (at a lower rate), given that the player watches a rewarded ad in exchange for it. This way, the player is never forced to watch ads. However, winning and watching a brief ad is a great way to work towards free unit rolls.

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